IHSS Caregiver Registry

​​​​​​​​​What is the Provider Registry?

The Sacramento County IHSS Caregiver Registry is a database of specially screened caregivers who are looking to work for IHSS recipients/consumers. This is a free referral service available to all IHSS recipients. Please note, all IHSS providers are not part of the Caregiver Registry. The Registry has an application process separate from Provider Enrollment. ​

How Does the Registry Work?

When a recipient calls the Registry looking for a new caregiver, Registry Specialists look at specific consumer needs, provider skills, availability, demographic data and other job-related factors in order to find the best potential matches. A list of names is sent to the IHSS consumer.

The Recipient is the employer and is therefore responsible for interviewing, hiring, and supervising the caregiver they select from the referral list.

If you are a recipient and you would like to request a list of available providers you can;

How Can I Join the registry?

Individuals interested in joining the Provider Registry can submit an application electronically using the PEARS Portal. All applicants must provide three references on their application.

Once the application is received, Public Authority staff will contact the applicant to schedule an interview. Approved applicants are then scheduled to attend to Registry Orientation. Please note that Registry Orientation is separate from Provider Enrollment.

To apply you can complete an application online using the PEARS Portal.

If you already have a PEARS account, please send an email to IHSS-PA-Provider-Registry@saccounty.net to have the Registry application and activities added to your PEARS profile. 


If you already have an IHSS recipient/consumer who would like to hire you, you DO NOT need to apply to the Registry. Instead, please follow the instructions on the Provider Enrollment page. ​