Frequently Asked Questions


The drop box is for requested provider enrollment documents only. Timesheets, intake paperwork, or other forms for Social Workers are not processed at Public Authority. ​
You may submit documents for your social worker by mail to P.O. Box 269131 Sacramento, CA 95826. You may also use the document drop off at 9750 Business Park Drive Suite 104 Sacramento, CA 95827. (past the bank entrance, inside the main building, first door on the right) This is only for IHSS documents/correspondence. Any timesheets placed in here will be returned.  ​
Applicants will need to attend orientation, complete required forms, and pass a DOJ LiveScan. You must register online to being the enrollment process. Please visit the provider enrollment registration page​.
If you have not received pay as an IHSS provider in over 365 days, your provider status becomes ineligible. You can call IHSS Payroll 916-874-9805 to find out if you need to attend orientation again. ​
Provider numbers are assigned to eligible providers after they complete the enrollment process. Payroll will issue providers their nine-digit provider number by mail. ​
You can email a request to Payroll at IHSS-PAYROLL@SACCOUNTY.GOV , Fax to 916-876-870​​​6, or mail to P.O. Box 269131 Sacramento, CA 95826. Please include your name and provider number on the written request.
Recipients or their authorized representative can contact the social worker to request their condition be re-evaluated. If you do not know your social worker's phone number, you can call IHSS at 916-874-9741 for further assistance. ​
You can contact 916-874-9471 and ask to speak with your assigned Social W​orker. ​
Please contact Public Authority at 916-874-2888 and follow the prompts for Registry providers. Recipients may also request a list of registry provider by emailing IHSS-PA-RECIPIENT-REGISTRY@SACCOUNTY.NET Please include your name, case number, and days and times a provider is needed.​
LiveScan results are specific to the requesting agency. Applicants will need to complete the LiveScan process for Sacramento IHSS Public Authority when applying to become a provider.​
For eTimesheet assistance please contact IHSS Service Desk at 866-376-7066 . You can also find timesheet video tutorials by visiting
You can submit an address change form SAS 345 to the Public Authority office or you can call Payroll at 916-874-9805 to report changes. ​
It can take 2-6 weeks from the day you complete the Live Scan process. This time frame is not guaranteed as some applicant may experience delays. 
You can view the status of your results by visiting the Applicant Background Check Status​ on the DOJ website. You will need your date of birth and ATI number from Request for Live Scan form.
The 2024 rate is $17 per hour.​