Provider Enrollment Information

The online registration is back online now.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.  We do appreciate it.

​​Provider Enrollment

Public Authority helps IHSS recipients by facilitating provider orientation and managing the enrollment process for new and inactive IHSS providers.

How to Become A Provider​

If you are a new provider or a provider that has not been paid by IHSS in over a year; you will need to complete the Provider Enrollment Process.

Current Provider Enrollment Process

  1. Complete the online registration process. (Email address needed. One email per provider)
  2. Watch the IHSS video online after registering. (Video is 52 minutes long)
  3. Receive an email confirming the online portion is complete.
  4. Complete and submit the enrollment packet attached in the confirmation email.
  5. In addition to the online registration, providers will need to complete a mandatory background check. This process is also referred to as DOJ, LiveScan, and fingerprinting.
    • You can visit our DOJ page to get a list of locations and the required form.

**Please note, you can only submit the enrollment packet after receiving a confirmation email instructing you to do so. Please do not submit enrollment forms if you have not completed the online registration process.

If you are unable to complete the online registration process due to no internet access or needing assistance using a computer, please call 916-874-2888 to be further assisted.

We will open enrollment each morning.  So if there are a no appointments when you click on the link below, just visit the web site in the morning.

 Begin the Provider Enrollment process using our Online Enrollment Registration