Health and Dental Benefits for Caregivers


IHSS Caregivers may receive health and dental benefits for their work. Healthcare is delivered through a plan with Kaiser Medical and Dental Care is managed by United Healthcare Dental benefits programs. The Health Care Employees/Employer Dental and Medical Trust (Health Care Trust) administers medical and dental benefits for all Sacramento County IHSS Providers. Caregivers must contact the Health Care Trust with questions regarding their eligibility or benefits. County employees do not have access to information about healthcare benefits and cannot answer any benefits questions. ​​​​​

To Qualify

​Ca​​regivers must meet several requirements to receive benefits:​
  • Caregivers must work and be paid for a minimum of 85 hours per month for three (3) consecutive months to be eligible for healthcare benefits.  
  • Caregivers must submit timesheets promptly. Late timesheet submission will result in delayed reporting of paid hours which will result in benefits terminations. 
  • Current health benefits enrollment is at capacity. Eligible caregivers will be placed on a waitlist for benefits and will be notified when they are at the top of the waitlist.


​​Caregiver premium contributions for healthcare benefits are $51.65 per month. Premiums are deducted only when caregivers are enrolled to receive benefits. 

Contact Information

PO Box 9026
(800) 824-3316