Registry Consumers


​If you are a Sacramento County IHSS consumer and are looking for a caregiver, please call the Caregiver Registry at (916) 874-2888 or email The Registry staff can send you a customized list of caregivers who are looking to assist IHSS consumers. 

In order to make the best possible referrals, a Registry Specialist will speak with you to determine your individual needs. It is important to know the number of hours and the types of services authorized by your IHSS social worker. The information you provide is entered into the Registry database, which is used to match your needs with a potential caregiver's skills and availability. A customized list of available caregivers can be mailed, faxed or emailed to you. Lists are usually sent within three working days from the date of request. If the need is urgent, information may be provided by phone. Once you receive the list, you will contact the potential caregivers to set up interviews and decide who to hire.

Please note: not all IHSS providers are part of the Caregiver Registry. The Registry is a database of specially screened caregivers who are looking to work for IHSS consumers. 

To Qualify

​In order to receive a list of potential caregivers you must already be authorized for IHSS hours. If you would like to apply for IHSS, please call the main IHSS office at (916) 874-9471.


​This is a free service available to all IHSS consumers in Sacramento County.

Contact Information

3700 Branch Center Road Suite A
(916) 874-2888